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Modern calligraphy is such a common thing in Blogland. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go… there’s calligraphy. I’ve gone into shops looking for calligraphy kits before, but most of them taught the old school western style. Over the weekend, however, I had the chance to try out an amazing Calligraphy Starter Kit by Diva Pyari from Uncommon Goods.


Uncommon Goods is a privately owned company based in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in providing creative and handcrafted gifts for all types of people. What I love most about them is that they are very socially and environmentally aware. Most products are made in the United States and about half are made by hand. Uncommon Goods partners with four non-profits and even reaches out to the community, hosting product design and art challenges. And I could go on… I’m loving everything I’ve learned about them so far! Finding out about retailers that care for the earth and humanity gives me so much hope.

Calligraphy Starter Kit

So, about this Calligraphy Starter Kit. I was really nervous that I would try it out and fail and not be able to blog about it. But it wasn’t so bad! I mean, it was really bad at first but I slowly started to get the hang of it. It turned out to be really addicting! I am already planning to go out and buy some different supplies (colorful ink perhaps!).

In the spirit of keeping it real, here is my first attempt at writing some letters. Yikes.

Calligraphy Starter Kit

I experimented with different ways of holding the pen before I was comfortable with it. The instructions advised to hold the nib over a flame for a few seconds and that made a huge difference in the inkflow. This next picture is still a little rough but better right? Pretty sure modern calligraphy is allowed to be messy. 🙂


Calligraphy Starter Kit

If you’re looking for gifts for friends, family, or yourself (treat yo’self!), Uncommon Goods has a plethora of unique choices. Here is the calligraphy kit if you’re interested. You can also check out the gifts for women here and gifts for men here. Oh and there are tons of cute gifts for little ones here! I’m a true fan. I’ll be back next week with another review of their products because I couldn’t stop with just one.

Have you done any calligraphy? Any suggestions on fancy ink or nib brands?


Hey there! Here are some blog resources from some of my favorite bloggers. Hopefully these helpful articles can inspire us to get creative and make the most of the week.

Resources for Bloggers | Earl Grey Blog

1. Melyssa from The Nectar Collective recently wrote about how to grow your blog or business using Twitter. I used to use Twitter solely for funny lame jokes, but now I use it for Earl Grey purposes too (here’s my account btw if you want to be friends!). However, Twitter is not my specialty. I always forget I even have it. This article was helpful in reminding me that there are simple ways to be active as a blogger on Twitter. Woohoo! Thanks Melyssa!

2. Oh, Writer’s Block. Always getting me down. I absolutely love this post on beating writer’s block by Jess of Stamp in my Passport. She shares three helpful and genuine ways to reconnect with yourself and get over that dang lack of inspiration.

3. Last month on Ember & March, Amber shared about the difference between growing your blog and gaining a following. She notes that both are a little necessary and touches on the importance of authenticity. I couldn’t agree with her more.

4. Jess at June Letters wrote a beautiful post about allowing yourself to be a beginner. What a good reminder. It is so important to remember that everything takes practice and that we shouldn’t set so many unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

Have you been focusing on or learning anything in particular lately?