Rhubarb, Grapefruit, & Thyme Cocktail

I love the big wave of change that seems to come with a new season. Sometimes change occurs on its own and sometimes we just get restless and make it happen. This past week, I decided to cut off all my hair (Not really, it’s still long. Just feels so short to me!) and I got a new job! What the! I am so excited and still kind of in shock over how quickly it all happened. I will tell you all about it eventually, but for now I just want to share my appreciation for all things fall! Apparently, a roundup of a trillion pumpkin spice recipes wasn’t enough for me.

First up: peach pie and a peach spritzer! Oh my. This looks so delicious. The coffee shop I’m sitting at is right across the street from a pie place and boy am I tempted to go over there this very second.

Peach Pie & Peach Spritzer

This oversized pink shawl coat from Anthropologie is too perfect. I love everything about it, except for that it is $600. Nope. Moving on…

Oversized Pink Shawl Coat

I usually shy away from anything with too many fruit flavors, but this rhubarb, grapefruit, and thyme cocktail looks too delicious to pass up!

Rhubarb, Grapefruit, & Thyme Cocktail

Hot chocolate and tiny macarons? Together? This photo makes me want to curl up under a pile of blankets for about a week.

Hot Chocolate and Macarons

Have a beautiful fall weekend and I’ll see you Monday with a DIY!


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