Hi there! I’ve created a screencast tutorial to share how I make product collages for my blog posts using Photoshop. I wanted to keep it short and sweet, so it is pretty simple. Enjoy!




Photos Used:
1. Bella Sunglasses – Ruche
2. Just my Cup of Tea Cup – House of Rym
3. Open Heart Ring – Moorea Seal
4. Pineapple Ice Trays – Anthropologie
5. Curve 45oz Teapot – Red Sail
6. Golden Ratios Boxed Candle – LEIF
7. Little Guy Earrings – Kate Spade Saturday
8. Mountain Tote Bag – Nell & Mary
9. Senegalese Knitting Basket – Territory

Sheesh, videos are awkward! But sometimes you’ve gotta have them. Pardon my squeaky voice and the fuzzy quality. Have a fantastic, summery weekend. 🙂


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