As someone who has difficulty making color choices, I really love being able to buy plain but customizable things. Ikea has these great magazine files made of untreated wood and they’re only $10 for a set of two. I decided I would paint these white and add a minimal black pattern inspired by the following:

found here and here

If you want to spruce up your workspace, find those magazine files at your local Ikea (their product name is KNUFF, just thought you should know), grab some paint, and go to town. I used large foam paint brushes for the outer and inner surfaces of the files and then painted the rectangles using a smaller flat brush. A little simple and a little messy.




I’m excited to use these in my new place! Crossing my fingers that I will actually fully unpack, decorate, and nest this time around.

ps. Emma Watson has the best eyebrows, huh?


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