I have been eyeing Anthropologie’s knobs for a really long time now, trying to find a good excuse to buy some. Finally, I got a few and decided to make little wine corks out of them! I have seen some other tutorials around the internet, but I thought I’d figure it out myself. And I ran into a lot of obstacles. This is the method that did work. 🙂


[supplies needed: craft store wine corks, knobs (mine are from Anthro, but there are also cute ones at World Market), small hacksaw, drill]

Using your hacksaw, cut off about half of the door knob screw. My dad helped me out with this one since I didn’t own a hacksaw/had never used one. He left the hacksaw with me, so…hopefully I’ll find other crafty uses for it.

Next, drill a hole in the center of the wine cork. It’s really important to try to drill straight down. I have found that the craft store corks aren’t as sturdy as real wine corks. However, at the same time, they are better for a project like this because they fit wine bottles better. When I tried using a real wine cork, a) it took soooo long to drill the hole and actually get the knob in and b) the cork expanded so it would no longer fit in any regular sized wine bottles. Yikes! Point is – these little crafty ones are the way to go.

Then, all you have to do is screw in the pretty knobs and you’re good to go!

After all of the handiwork is done, just sit back with your favorite bottle of cab and enjoy way too many episodes of Brothers and Sisters. That’s what I did at least. 🙂


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