Schoolhouse Electric Holiday Launch

I can’t believe I’m already posting something about Christmas. Is this allowed? Oh man. Usually I am not such a festive person, but some things are too good to ignore (especially when I stare at them all day at work). A couple weeks ago, Schoolhouse Electric launched its holiday product line. These are some of my faves:Schoolhouse Electric Holiday

(top, left to right)

1. SECO Milk & Cookies Set
2. Snow Day DIY Kit – Throw
3. Slouchy Stripe Alpaca Hat
4. Coal Soap
5. SECO Shiny Glass Ball Ornament Set
6. Find Joy Ornament
7. The Year in Stitches Calendar Card Set
8. Classic Wood Sled
9. SECO Stockings

I’m particularly in love with #2. THAT YARN. Before the launch date, we spent many hours stringing lights, wrapping gifts, etc. This is what the store looks like right now:

Schoolhouse Electric Holiday Launch

See? It’s hard to be Grinchy about something so nice. :)

Have you been doing anything Christmas-like or are you waiting until the day after Thanksgiving? I hear that’s the normal thing to do.

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Coming Soon: The Blog Market

Hello friends! I’m really excited to share the details of a project I’ve been working on for the past several months! It’s a blog/shop/community called The Blog Market.

The Blog Market

For a long time, I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate more blog design tutorials into Earl Grey. While I posted a few here and there on this blog, it just felt a little too crowded. So I decided the best thing to do was to create a separate website solely focused on providing resources for bloggers and creative peeps. The Blog Market will include many HTML/CSS tutorials (starting from scratch), some Photoshop and Illustrator tips, inspiration for productive living, and design goodies.

Another neat part of the new website is that I hope to plant some seeds of community via forums! I don’t know about you, but I think running a one woman blog can get a little lonely.  I’ve been dreaming of creating some blog forums since my Earl Grey redesign earlier this year. It didn’t feel right for this space, but it feels so right for the new space. The forums will provide a way for us to ask business and design-y questions and of course, make friends and network.

So where is Earl Grey going? For now, it will stay where it is. It’s nice to have a space for DIYs, personal blog posts, and roundups. But my energy will definitely be more focused on The Blog Market (as it has been for a while now). I’m not sure that the whole “running two blogs” thing will be for me, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes!

The Blog Market will be up and running on Monday, Nov 24th. I’ll share more details over the next week! Hope you enjoy what’s to come. :)

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David Hill Winery

About a week ago, I went wine tasting with my friends Sara and Emily at the most beautiful winery I’ve ever seen! We found David Hill Winery via Google and didn’t expect it to look exactly like the photos online…but it did. Being surrounded by that many vibrant autumn-colored trees was a dream!

David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog

It looks like a painting, right?! Also, as soon as we drove up to the property we were greeted by two of the sweetest little dogs. If you know how much puppy fever I have these days, you can imagine how much I was losing my mind.

David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey BlogDavid Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog David Hill Winery | Earl Grey Blog

Still can’t believe this place was real.

How’s November going for you so far? Any fun fall happenings?

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Happy Halloween + Pumpkin DIY Projects

Happy Halloween! This is always one of those last minute holidays for me. I’m not sure if I will do anything to celebrate tonight, but I am dressing up as Shoshanna from Girls for the day. I’ve been planning this costume for a year. Basically, I’m just wearing a crazy bun on the side of my head and talking real fast as usual. Whew! So labor intensive. I have so much appreciation for people who put time and effort into their costumes though. My little sister dressed up as a vending machine this year and made the costume with my dad which I think is so sweet. I’m also loving costumes around the interwebs such as this Pinocchio family costume. So good!

I’m not a fan of scary Halloween decor, but I do love cute autumn swag more than anything. So I thought I would share some of the best pumpkin DIY projects I’ve found over the past few weeks! I love that pumpkins are relevant for the entire season. Pumpkin crafts forever.

Cute Pumpkin Crafts

(top left, clockwise)

1. DIY Macrame Hanging Pumpkin | Fall for DIY
2. Decoupage Pumpkins | Brit + Co
3. DIY Pumpkin Scented Candles | Momtastic
4. Felt Costumes for Your Halloween Pumpkins | Lia Griffith

Are you dressing up this year? Doing anything crafty? Have a fun and safe night!

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Best Candles For Fall

Each fall, the arrival of color-changing leaves is accompanied by an abundant supply of the most comforting candles. When I worked at Anthropologie, I would joke that smelling candles was a very important part of my job. Not technically true, but I tried to fit in that activity whenever possible. At my new job, I have found a few more favorite candle brands that have the most amazing fall scents. I decided to gather up a bunch of candles that I love this season, along with some that I haven’t smelled in real life but probably would love just as much.

Best Candles for Fall | Earl Grey Blog

1. Woodfire Candle | Furbish Studio
2. Spicy Apple Beeswax Blend Votive | Rosy Rings
3. Balsam & Cedar Mini Tin Candle | Furbish Studio
4. Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | Moorea Seal
5. Fallen Birch Branch Votive Set | Terrain
6. Copper Octagon Candle in Mahogany | Leif
7. Acorn Candle in Cranberry Fig | Anthropologie
8. Bourbon + Brown Sugar Candle | Sydney Hale Co.
9. Earl Grey Scented Candle | Orla Kiely

Do any of these stand out to you? The bourbon and brown sugar candle is most intriguing to me. Mmm!

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