24 Earl Grey Tea Recipes

When I gather items for roundups, I like to keep things short and sweet. Ten of my favorite things here and there. But today we’re talking about Earl Grey and that’s a different story! You might have guessed that Earl Grey is my favorite tea, but I also love it in the form of ice cream, cocktails, and probably everything else on this list.24 Earl Grey Tea-Inspired Recipes at Earl Grey Blog

from the top, left to right:

1. Earl Grey Ice Cream | Earl Grey Blog
2. Earl Grey & Poppyseed Muffins | Raspberri Cupcakes 
3. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail | Sugar and Charm
4. Vegan Earl Grey + Chocolate Shakes | The First Mess
5. Earl Grey Infused Chocolate Pots de Creme | Hint of Vanilla
6. Charred Lemon Mousse with Earl Grey and Lemon Sable | Hint of Vanilla
7. Earl Grey Infused Gin Cocktail | The Framed Table
8. Rich Chocolate Lavender Cake with German Earl Grey Buttercream | Local Milk Blog
9. Peach Earl Grey Jam | Gimme Some Oven
10. Earl Grey Tea Latte | Cookie Monster Cooking
11. Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Tea Cookies | Hummingbird High
12. Earl Grey Shortbread Squares | Honestly Yum
13. Earl Grey Lavender Iced Tea | Food & Wine
14. Earl Grey Creme Brûlée | The Wanderlust Kitchen 
15. Earl Grey Lemonade | Semisweetie
16. Vegan Earl Grey Chocolate Pots de Creme | Gourmande in the Kitchen
17. Earl Grey Panna Cotta | Hummingbird High
18. Earl Grey Macarons | Fig & Farrow
19. Earl Grey Honey Whiskey Cake | The Baking Bird
20. Earl Grey Infused Hot Chocolate | ChinDeep 
21. Earl Grey and Lemon Cake | Crunchy Bottoms
22. Earl Grey Berry Tart | Chasing Delicious
23. Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Pancakes with Honey Tea Syrup | Once Upon a Cutting Board
24. Earl Grey Hot Chocolate | Our Kitchen

This is too much to handle. Creme Brûlée? Honey Whiskey Cake? This list of recipes alone might be enough to make me enjoy baking more.

Do you like tea-infused everything, too? What’s your favorite kind of tea? Have the nicest Tuesday, friends!

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August in Review

Good morning and Happy September! I’m trying to remain calm and remind myself that every single month goes by this fast. It’s not like I’m losing my mind or anything. Right? Yesterday was a little rainy. I had been holding my breath about gloomy Portland weather since I moved here, but it was actually pretty dreamy. I love cozy rainy days. Not sure I’ll be saying that once winter begins, but I’m saying it now.

Let’s back up though! August was so good to me. It was a month of growth and change and progress and all of those cheesy motivational-type words. Regardless of whether a month is particularly good or bad, if I learn lessons and experience growth then I’m thankful for that month.

Earl Grey Blog

1. Last month, I created a special Reader Survey to give me some insight into what you guys appreciate about blogs, style, and the online world. It was so helpful! As I vaguely said in that post, I’m working on something new and I can’t wait to share it hopefully later this month. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please do!

2. Colorful work supplies are my jam, and I truly believe that for some people (me!) they make can make a work experience more positive. Good vibes can definitely come in the form of cute office supplies. I believe it with all of my heart.

3. In this post, I shared three personal things I like to remember as a blogger. Keeping these things in mind has helped me gain confidence in my work and in what I’m passionate about.

4. Even though I cook for one, I buy dish ware for 10 (look, I might have friends over or something…). On this fine afternoon, I justified my hoarding by giving my craft supplies a home in some of these kitchen items.

5. Speaking of cooking for one, I wrote a little something about living alone. Also, these dahlias.

6. I shared my undying love for RadLab, my favorite photo editor of all time. Check out the post! There’s a discount code at the end and it’s only valid for two more days.

7. This embroidered hexagon clock is one of my best vintage finds. See my other recent PDX vintage goodies here.

8. Shared this tutorial on how to create gold leaf hand lettering! This was so much fun.

9. Lastly, I got my DIY groove back by making these clay hexagon magnets. I love how they turned out and the crazy bee lady inside of me wants to make a hundred more to cover my entire fridge.

Now that September is here, I have three main goals: To finish my biggest new project. To decorate my studio (it’s messy and “cute” but it needs more class!). And to spend more time in nature. I’m lucky to have friends here who are very outdoorsy. I live and work in the city, so I need to make sure I find time to be around trees and breathe in that fresh, beautiful northwest air. :)

Hope you all loved August and have an even better September!

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Happy Birthday, Sisters!

Ten days ago, my little sister Danali turned 9. Today, Adalin turns 11. These are two brilliant young people that I could talk about for days on end. A few fun facts: Danali collects snow globes and music boxes and every time I see her, she’s wearing a shirt with a cat on it. Adalin learned how to crochet when she was seven. Sometimes she suggests complex words that I could be using to expand my vocabulary. Both of them are the kindest most empathetic girls I know.


I grew up thinking I would always be an only child and then ta-da! These two came around. I’m so, so thankful for them every day. :) Happy Birthday, my favorite sisters. I can’t wait to see you soon!

Photo was taken with my phone but made a little cooler with RadLab. Use the code “HARDWICK” to get 15% your purchase of Totally Rad photo editing products! Offer ends Wednesday, Sept 3rd.

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The Best of Swedish Clogs

I think most of us can agree that Swedish Hasbeens are maybe the cutest shoes that have ever walked the earth. But I’ve been finding there are many more brands of Swedish clogs that are equally as good lookin’. I really hope to score a pair of affordable ones before the year is over. I love that they look cute throughout all four seasons. Theses beauties have a special way of making sandals with socks acceptable. (Yeah, I went there!)

Best of Swedish Clogs | Earl Grey Blog

(top left to right)

1. Super High Malena | Funkis
2. Lena Coco | NINA Z
3. Two Strap Mid Heel Clog | Totokaelo
4. Flora | Swedish Hasbeens
5. Herringbone Green Clog | Cape Clogs
6. Annabella Ankle Wrap | Bryr
7. 667 Mia Clog | Funkis
8. Suzanne Debutant | Swedish Hasbeens

I am smitten. Are you into wooden shoes? Whenever I say “wooden shoes”, I think of When the Stars go Blue by Ryan Adams (or um, Haley from One Tree Hill).

Have a nice Wednesday! And let me know if you have any other clog store recommendations. :)

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When More is More: 5 Non-Minimal Blog Designs

Minimal or “flat” design is a strong, contagious trend in the blog community. I could list a hundred reasons why I think it’s a good idea. A minimal blog design keeps things clean and simple. It lets your content shine. It is easier to navigate. It’s professional. And so forth.

But when something becomes really over-the-top trendy, it causes us to look at opposite trends with new eyes. With the rise of minimal blog designs, colorful and complex layouts are catching my attention more and more. I think it takes a whole lot of talent to create something that is bright and detailed, yet cohesive and well-branded. I decided to round up a few non-minimal blog designs that I think are amazingly well-done.

1. Wish Wish Wish

5 Non-Minimal Blog Designs | Earl Grey Blog

2. A Beautiful Mess

5 Non-Minimal Blog Designs | Earl Grey Blog

3. Maiedae

5 Non-Minimal Blog Designs | Earl Grey Blog

4. Bright.Baazar

5 Non-Minimal Blog Designs | Earl Grey Blog

5. The Beauty Department

5 Non-Minimal Blog Designs | Earl Grey Blog

What do you think of these designs? Do you like the addition of crafty touches in websites and blogs, or are you more of a minimalist?

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