Happy Halloween + Pumpkin DIY Projects

Happy Halloween! This is always one of those last minute holidays for me. I’m not sure if I will do anything to celebrate tonight, but I am dressing up as Shoshanna from Girls for the day. I’ve been planning this costume for a year. Basically, I’m just wearing a crazy bun on the side of my head and talking real fast as usual. Whew! So labor intensive. I have so much appreciation for people who put time and effort into their costumes though. My little sister dressed up as a vending machine this year and made the costume with my dad which I think is so sweet. I’m also loving costumes around the interwebs such as this Pinocchio family costume. So good!

I’m not a fan of scary Halloween decor, but I do love cute autumn swag more than anything. So I thought I would share some of the best pumpkin DIY projects I’ve found over the past few weeks! I love that pumpkins are relevant for the entire season. Pumpkin crafts forever.

Cute Pumpkin Crafts

(top left, clockwise)

1. DIY Macrame Hanging Pumpkin | Fall for DIY
2. Decoupage Pumpkins | Brit + Co
3. DIY Pumpkin Scented Candles | Momtastic
4. Felt Costumes for Your Halloween Pumpkins | Lia Griffith

Are you dressing up this year? Doing anything crafty? Have a fun and safe night!

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Best Candles For Fall

Each fall, the arrival of color-changing leaves is accompanied by an abundant supply of the most comforting candles. When I worked at Anthropologie, I would joke that smelling candles was a very important part of my job. Not technically true, but I tried to fit in that activity whenever possible. At my new job, I have found a few more favorite candle brands that have the most amazing fall scents. I decided to gather up a bunch of candles that I love this season, along with some that I haven’t smelled in real life but probably would love just as much.

Best Candles for Fall | Earl Grey Blog

1. Woodfire Candle | Furbish Studio
2. Spicy Apple Beeswax Blend Votive | Rosy Rings
3. Balsam & Cedar Mini Tin Candle | Furbish Studio
4. Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | Moorea Seal
5. Fallen Birch Branch Votive Set | Terrain
6. Copper Octagon Candle in Mahogany | Leif
7. Acorn Candle in Cranberry Fig | Anthropologie
8. Bourbon + Brown Sugar Candle | Sydney Hale Co.
9. Earl Grey Scented Candle | Orla Kiely

Do any of these stand out to you? The bourbon and brown sugar candle is most intriguing to me. Mmm!

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Playing Favorites

I love when I read or watch something and it truly speaks to me, so much that I refer to it endlessly for weeks to come. Today I want to share a short list of some noteworthy things on the web that I think are brilliant.

DIY Felt Letters

1. Hopefully by now Emma Watson’s beautiful speech on feminism has made its way around the internet a handful of times. If you haven’t heard it yet, go take a listen! This topic is close to my heart and I’m glad gender equality is being discussed and defined by so many people around the world.

2. Speaking of gender, I can’t stop thinking about “Everything for Everybody“, an eye opening article by Maxwell Tierman on the gender divide in design.

3. A couple weeks ago, Mike from The Fresh Exchange wrote a great post called “The Grit and the Beauty” in response to negativity toward his and Megan’s blog on a certain hate website. It left an unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach that is still there. With all of the damage internet hate is known to cause, I’m always surprised that there are still people who rejoice in tearing strangers down. Nothing about it is productive. I’m in awe of how mature Mike’s blog post was. I have a lot of respect for him and Megan. Such cool people.

4. On a lighter note, Marcel the Shell is back with a third Youtube video! Woohoo! Love her.


Do you have any favorite links this week? Share ‘em!


(Image: Hand Sewn Felt Alphabet by The Purl Bee)

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Carve-A-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods

Good morning! Today I’m back to talk about another product from the beautifully curated online shop Uncommon Goods. Before learning about custom stamps and heat embossing, I never really gave stamping a second thought. I associated stamps with crafty handmade stationery and that was the end of it. But I’ve since realized that stamps have so many different purposes and are 100% customizable. This past weekend, I finally tried making my own stamps using this Carve-a-Stamp kit by Yellow Owl from Uncommon Goods. Like the Calligraphy Starter Kit I shared last week, this was a trial-and-error experience and I have a few tips for those of you who are considering trying it out too.

Carve-a-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods | Earl Grey Blog

This kit contained everything I needed to get started, including templates for tons of cute designs. I decided to make one stamp from a template and another stamp of my teacup logo.

Carve-a-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods | Earl Grey BlogCarve-a-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods | Earl Grey Blog Carve-a-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods | Earl Grey Blog

I traced the cute envelope illustration, transferred it to the rubber stamp block, and then things began to go wrong. This kit includes five different carving tool sizes. It’s important to start with the smallest one and trace lightly. I didn’t do that. I took the small carving tool and started carving out the lines like a beast! Whoops! Tracing lightly is the key to getting those smooth lines.

Carve-a-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods | Earl Grey Blog

As you can see, my heart envelope stamp didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Lesson learned! I used this failed stamp carving experience to create a more clean stamp on the back of the rubber block.

Carve-a-Stamp Kit from Uncommon Goods | Earl Grey Blog

Creating a stamp of my teacup logo has been on my to-do list for a long time! I’m happy that I was able to make it happen with this stamp kit. To add a little shine, I decided to heat emboss using this teacup stamp. I love how the gold turned out!

Heat Embossed Teacups | Earl Grey Blog

Regardless of the ups and downs of my first attempt at carving stamps, I am so excited to make many more! I have one or two extra carving blocks on hand, so I’ll continue using the tools provided in this helpful kit. And I’m definitely going to retrace the heart envelope. :)

As I said last week, I have nothing but nice things to say about Uncommon Goods. This company is so ethically sound and dedicated to supporting designers, artists, and their own community. When it comes to finding special gifts for friends and family, Uncommon Goods has something for everyone. You can find gifts for women here, gifts for men here, and gifts for kids here. The options are never ending!

Thanks for letting me share! Have you made your own stamps before? Or have you tried heat embossing?

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For Breakfast

Deep down, I know that breakfast is worth waking up early for. I mean, it’s the tastiest meal of the day. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get my groggy self out of bed early to prepare it. Unless I’m going out to breakfast with friends, I usually just grab a ProBar or “prepare” the healthiest instant oatmeal I can find. Recently, I have come across some breakfast ideas that make me want to put a little more effort into this important meal.

Amazing Breakfast Recipes | Earl Grey Blog

(from top, left to right)

1. Bread Butter & Honey | by Berta_ on Flickr
2. Whole Wheat Vegan Waffles | Love and Lemons
3. Breakfast Pizza Bagels | Baker by Nature
4. Cinnamon Bun Breakfast Smoothie | Cooking Classy
5. Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Quiche | The Law Student’s Wife
6. Goat Cheese Toasts with Walnuts, Honey, & Thyme | The Recipe Link
7. The Best Giant Frittata | Dashing Dish
8. Balsamic Goat Cheese Tarts | Anthro Blog
9. Breakfast Cookies | Gimme Some Oven

Can we just talk about how pizza for breakfast is the best thing ever? Cookies, too.

What is your absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

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