Fictional Style | Betty Suarez

Today’s lady of the day is Betty Suarez – unlikely fashionista and ultimate fictional bestie. I jumped on the Ugly Betty bandwagon many years after the show was tragically cancelled in 2010, but I’m so glad I did! Betty Suarez is, in a word, my hero. She sees the best in everyone even when they’re the worst (talking to you, Wilhelmina). I feel like if we were friends we would throw the most colorful, happy fiestas together. And I just love how she embraces her crazy, mismatch style and never compromises who she is for anyone. On the show her style is deemed ugly, but in real life we all know she would be featured on style blogs left and right.



1. Flirt Clear Red Frame Glasses – Asos (out of stock)
2. Yellow Bowknot Wool Blend Coat - SheInside $33.06
3. Butterfly Enclosure Wedge in Grey – ModCloth $109.99
4. Zoom Bisou Top in Miami – ModCloth $39.99
5. Tights for Every Occasion in Cobalt - ModCloth $14.99
6. Ponte Pencil Skirt – Mango $39.99

I would wear any of these items separately but I know my girl Betty would happily wear them all together, looking and feeling fabulous. Don’t you just wish she could come out of the TV and be a BFF to all of us? I certainly do.

photo of Betty via Google Images


Resources for Bloggers

I’m always pleasantly surprised by the effect that a thoughtful blog post can have on my whole week. I love when bloggers get real. It might be one of my favorite things ever. Hope you’ll love these inspiring articles just as much as I do.


1. Talk to Your Readers - I love this post by Breanna Rose about connecting with readers through comments. I’ll be the first to say that I’m terrible at replying to comments (sorry!). Whenever a blog post receives a new comment, I smile and get all warm and fuzzy and then I forget to write back. Whoops. Commenting in general is becoming a lost art, I believe, because it’s easy to feel like one tiny human in a sea of other readers. Also, it’s easy to get distracted when scrolling through a never ending blog feed. I’m trying to get better at commenting on blog posts I think are amazing.

2. I Blog vs I am a Blogger – Upon reading this title on Allyssa Barnes’s blog, I thought the post was going to be about something completely different. It’s all about the way we identify ourselves in the blogging community. Are we bloggers or are we creatives/designers/crafters/pretty-picture-appreciaters who blog? I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to choose either statement, but it sure is interesting to think about!

3. How to Talk About Your Blog in Real Life - Erika’s description of what it’s like to talk about your blog in real life is spot on. Bringing up blogging requires answering a ton of crazy questions like, “Oh blogging, you mean like Tumblr?” and “How will that ever make you money?”. Ahhh. It’s rough!

4. What’s in a Name? - In her post On Creatives and Titles, Amber writes about the confidence it requires to describe oneself as a “creative” or any other similar title. Even if everyone knows you as a photographer, designer, blogger, etc., it can still be difficult to call yourself one.

Do any of these topics particularly resonate with you?

Thanks to the ladies above for inspiring me this week with your genuine thoughts on blogging.

Playing Favorites

I’m really glad end-of-the-week roundups are a thing because sometimes I so desperately want to blog a ton of non-categorized, wonderful gems found on Pinterest and around the interwebs. Yay Fridays! Here we go…

How brilliant is this vibrant floral installation by Rebecca Louise Law?


Teal-colored couches are catching my eye every day it seems. My dad brought an oatmeal-colored loveseat up to Portland for me and I’m thankful to finally have somewhere comfortable to sit. Just have to find a good slipcover now! Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to stick with a neutral color (I’m thinking white) because I’m non-committal about colors. But at least that way I’ll be able to have more fun choosing pillows.


‘Tis the season for s’mores! I’m missing the days when I had a fire pit (and a patio space in general). I’d be content with making s’mores over my little stovetop though. Especially these fancy s’mores. Anybody wanna come over and eat them with me? Like right now.


Okay, I have saved the very best for last. I’m allowed to play favorites because, well ya know… Anyway, I am super into the illustration project Instamissimo that Asia Pietrzyk started earlier this year. She finds noteworthy instagram photos, illustrates them, and sometimes even turns them into gifs. SO good.


I’m going to spend the weekend catching up on my Mastering Your DSLR workshop (it’s amazing, btw) and getting things together around my studio. I have furniture now but other than that, it still looks like I just moved in. Yikes.

See you next week!

8 Watercolor-Inspired DIY Projects

Watercolor crafts are always an A+ in my book mostly because they’re hard to mess up! Even a terrible painter like myself can splash some water and color on a page and end up with something delightful. Here are a few watercolor-inspired projects that I would try in a heartbeat.


1. DIY Watercolour Clock - The Maker’s Society


2. DIY Painted Votives – Once Wed



3. DIY Stamped Watercolor Business Cards - Akula Kreative


4. DIY Dip-Dye Placemats  - Bramble Workshop for DesignLoveFest


5. Wax Resist Watercolor Cards – Love and Cupcakes


6. DIY Watercolor Makeup Brush Jars – Style Me Pretty


7. Watercolor Doodles – Angela Hardison


8. DIY Painted Watercolor Mug – The Wonder Forest


Amazing! I seriously want to make them all. Have you done any neat watercolor crafts lately?


Color Wheel Wednesday | Amber

Now you might be thinking, “Jenn, it’s summer! Why are you blogging about such an autumny color?” But chances are you don’t overthink colors as much as I do. Amber is very much an autumn-like color but it catches my eye all of the time these days, particularly in the form of vintage glassware. I unpacked some of my kitchen items the other day and found that I kind of have a lot of amber glassware! When I had roomies, I kept most of my glassware in boxes but now I can display it freely without causing clutter. Amber is such a pretty, classic color and I’m finding that it looks lovely next to mint and turquoise shades (a blog post for another time, I suppose).


one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

That candle (#5) is my favorite candle in the entire world. If I were only allowed to buy one type of candle for the rest of my life, it would be this Voluspa Baltic Amber candle. I love the scent and the beautiful jar almost equally.

Happiest of Wednesdays to you. I hope you have time to do something that inspires you.