Inspired by California

Moving to Oregon has taught me many things and while that’s a blog post for another time, I can tell you one thing. I love California. Oregon, with all of it’s lush green trees and friendly faces and tax-free shopping, has been a long time love of mine. Living here is wonderful and I plan to stay here a while. But the saying is true, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” California is the home of my family. It’s home of the tallest, most giant redwood trees in the entire world. It’s my home.

 I love finding items that are inspired by states (especially CA and OR). Here’s a bit of California swag:

Inspired by California

1. California Poppy Watercolor Painting | colorZen
2. Tiny California State Necklace | Moorea Seal
3. California Screen Print | Yellow House Handmade
4. Hand Embroidered State Pillow | UncommonGoods
5. California-Shaped Table | J. Rusten Furniture Studio
6. California Tote Bag | Landon Sheely
7. California Earrings | Y&I Clothing Boutique
8. California Print | Armada Print Co

I can’t imagine what would lead me to move back to California, but I’m just saying it could happen. :)

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Rockaway Beach

A couple summers ago, my family rented a house in Rockaway Beach, OR. We all live from California to Washington so we usually meet right in the middle. As soon as we arrived I wandered down the street, which was lined with little vintage shops and boutiques. There were so many bright colored walls that I wanted to take photos in front of, but I’m not really one for lonesome selfies in random beach towns. I remember it being one of the trips that affirmed my desire to live in Oregon. You can see photos from that trip here.

I recently looked up Rockaway Beach and found that it’s only about two hours from Portland! Sara and I traveled over there last week (did you know she just moved up here?!) and had such a happy trip. We window shopped, took pictures, walked in the water, and put Jenny Lewis on repeat (who I was definitely channeling in the photo below, minus the rainbow suit and sassy attitude).

Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey BlogRockaway Beach | Earl Grey BlogRockaway Beach | Earl Grey BlogRockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog

The water was truly glistening and there was not a cloud in the sky. I hope I have the opportunity to visit once more before scary winter begins. Also, can we just talk about how S is always such a dang model?

Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog Rockaway Beach | Earl Grey BlogRockaway Beach | Earl Grey BlogRockaway Beach | Earl Grey BlogRockaway Beach | Earl Grey Blog

Goodness. What a beautiful day! It just started raining in Portland, but now I’m off to California. Crazy timing, right? I’m not complaining. Talk to you soon!


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Resources for Bloggers

Another week, list of resources I love!

Resources for Bloggers | Earl Grey Blog

(clockwise from top left)

-Here’s a great article by Flourish & Prosper about why bloggers shouldn’t expect to work for free. Go read it and pat yourself on the back for working so hard in Blogland (also, I should teach Kindergarten).

- I’m a little obsessed with Amber’s “Five Minute Disconnect” plan at Ember & March.

- Lisa Jacobs of Market Your Creativity recently shared 5 Must-Have Apps for Bloggers! Excited to try them out.

- Want to know how to write the perfect blog post? I do! I found this gem of a post in the archives of Noor Alqahtani’s blog. So much useful information. I’m especially happy that she mentions the secret pin board. Secret pin boards are my everything.

Lastly, Katie of Skunkboy Blog wrote this honest post about focusing on self-love, saying no, and ultimately applying less pressure to certain areas of life. It’s easy to get burnt out in this world no matter what you do on a daily basis. I love her perspective.

Have a bright summery day. Because like I said yesterday, it’s definitely still summer. :)

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In Between Seasons

Many people welcome autumn on September 1st, with the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes and the anticipation of sweater weather. But I’m stubbornly set on celebrating autumn on September 23rd. I need to embrace every last bit of summer.

In Between Seasons | Earl Grey Blog

That doesn’t mean I’m not excited for the coming season. Both seasons are equally my favorites and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to choose. They bring out different sides of me. Summer is light, easy, fun, and sun-filled. Autumn is deep, rich, and nostalgic.

I’ve created a tiny list of five things I want to do during the remainder of summer. I know, I know. Leave it to me to write this list with one week left of summer. But I’ll continue to act like it’s summertime as long as it’s a bajillion degrees outside.

Before Summer is Over:
1. Find a pool
2. Go on a hike
3. Roast marshmallows
4. Play in the sprinklers with Copper
5. Attend a crazy confetti filled concert in LA

Okay I cheated, the last two have already been planned. :)

Are you sad to say goodbye to summer or are you looking forward to hot drinks and rainy days?


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DIY Watercolor Confetti

I’ve been on a huge watercolor kick lately! My favorite craft techniques are those that don’t require precision. I can’t draw or paint anything realistic, but I can swoosh paint around like nobody’s business. Recently, I made some quick watercolor confetti because I believe it’s always a smart idea to have a little on hand. You never know when you’ll decide to have an impromptu festive moment.

DIY Watercolor Confetti | Earl Grey Blog

Supplies: watercolor paints, assorted paint brushes and craft/hole punches (of different sizes and shapes if you’d like). All of my supplies were purchased from Michael’s.

DIY Watercolor Confetti | Earl Grey BlogDIY Watercolor Confetti | Earl Grey Blog

First, dilute your paint and fill a sheet of watercolor paper with messy brush strokes. Then punch out several shapes.

DIY Watercolor Confetti | Earl Grey Blog DIY Watercolor Confetti | Earl Grey Blog

Store your confetti in little envelopes. Or throw it in the air. Or throw it at a friend. Have a party. Love life. Etc. :)

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