Last Minute Christmas Crafts

The holiday season is a sneaky time of year. Unless we start getting into the holiday season late summer (kudos to all of you shop owners who plan ahead!), Christmas time is always surprising.  I love the idea of Christmas crafting and some years I get really into it, but I usually feel very rushed. If you are like me and tend to wait until the last minute to get festive, here are a few quick holiday craft ideas. Most of these can double as gifts, which is a win-win in my book. :)

 Last Minute Christmas Craft Ideas via Earl Grey Blog
(left to right, from top)

1. 3D Christmas Tree Ornaments
2. 10 DIY Holiday Gift Tag Ideas
3. Christmas Gift Box Ornaments
4. Sparkly Star Garland
5. Felt Heart Ornaments
6. Christmas Silhouette Wall Art
7. Glitter Ornaments
8. Instagram Ornaments
9. Felt Star Tree Topper

This year I surprised myself and did zero Christmas crafts. I feel good about it! It’s been a season of change, and it was nice to take a break from something without any regrets.

Hope you’re having the happiest of holidays.

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Photo Adventures with Amy

Amy and I have been going on photo adventures since we were 13 or 14. A few years ago when I upgraded to a Canon 7D, we immediately went out and took a trillion photos in front of some beautiful mint colored auto shops. The last time I visited home, we got together for an impromptu photo sesh at the same mint walls that we love so dearly.

Earl Grey Blog Earl Grey BlogEarl Grey BlogEarl Grey Blog

Amy was sweet to take some pictures of me for The Blog Market too! Our friend Katie also joined us for a quick headshot for the bio page.

Earl Grey Blog Earl Grey BlogEarl Grey Blog

So much fun! I’ve stopped taking photos “professionally” for weddings and what not, which has given me so much freedom to just learn and experiment with my camera sans all the pressure. I kind of feel the same way about this blog. I used to stress out about getting everything posted on time or feel guilty when I skipped a day (or week) or blogging. But I’m turning Earl Grey into a place to post…whenever I want. No pressure. The Blog Market has taken over as my main blogging priority, but I’m trying to go into it with less stress and “blog guilt” as they call it.

On another note, can you believe Christmas is next week? What the heck? Not even ready.

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A Work in Progress

Have you ever gotten to the very end of a project or assignment and felt like you wanted to re-do all of it? For the past several weeks, I’ve been working on The Blog Market (shared it in this post!) and I planned to have it finished by this week. By the end of last week, I realized I wasn’t completely feeling the design. Instead of pulling all nighters, I decided to give myself a break and extend my deadline. Many people say you shouldn’t wait until something is perfect to share it, but I’m being stubborn. :)

Earl Grey Blog

Also, fun news! My friends Angela (of If Found, Make) and Katie will be contributing on The Blog Market! They have some brilliant posts and design goodies prepared and I’m so thankful to be working with them on this project. I can’t wait for you all to see everything.

In the mean time, I hope you are staying inspired and doing what you love. Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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Schoolhouse Electric Holiday Launch

I can’t believe I’m already posting something about Christmas. Is this allowed? Oh man. Usually I am not such a festive person, but some things are too good to ignore (especially when I stare at them all day at work). A couple weeks ago, Schoolhouse Electric launched its holiday product line. These are some of my faves:Schoolhouse Electric Holiday

(top, left to right)

1. SECO Milk & Cookies Set
2. Snow Day DIY Kit – Throw
3. Slouchy Stripe Alpaca Hat
4. Coal Soap
5. SECO Shiny Glass Ball Ornament Set
6. Find Joy Ornament
7. The Year in Stitches Calendar Card Set
8. Classic Wood Sled
9. SECO Stockings

I’m particularly in love with #2. THAT YARN. Before the launch date, we spent many hours stringing lights, wrapping gifts, etc. This is what the store looks like right now:

Schoolhouse Electric Holiday Launch

See? It’s hard to be Grinchy about something so nice. :)

Have you been doing anything Christmas-like or are you waiting until the day after Thanksgiving? I hear that’s the normal thing to do.

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