Color Wheel Wednesday | Cobalt & White

I just have to start by saying that for the past year, I haven’t really been a fan of the color blue. At all. How weird is that?! Who in the world doesn’t like blue, and who even feels that strongly about colors anyway? Apparently I do. In an effort to be less of a weirdo, I’ve been slowly letting the color blue back into my life. Cobalt is my favorite shade. It’s rich, summery, and reminds me of Greece. Lately, cobalt and white prints are arriving at my work all the time, and I don’t hate them. :)

stairs | ceramics | tiles | fabric | dress

Sooo…anybody want to go to Greece with me?

Gift Guide | For the Crazy Cat Lady

Nowadays everyone and their mom is a “crazy cat lady”. My friend Devin is the person I measure every other cat lady up against. She is wholeheartedly the most intense cat lover I’ve ever met. The cool thing about everybody loving cats is that it makes people super easy to shop for! Go to any online shop and type in “cats” and you will likely get a whole bunch of options. I wish that were the case for crazy bee ladies like me but I guess we can’t have everything, can we?

1. Picasso Cats Tote Bag – Leah Reena Goren $22.00
2. Cat Print Wool-Silk Scarf – LEIF $112.50
3. Kitten Confidential Shaker Set – ModCloth $12.99
4. Overdyed Rope Collar - Free People $58.00
5. You’re the Cat’s Pajamas Card - Rifle Paper Co. $4.50
6. Spotty Foot Cat Tipi – Cat Tipi $54.00
7. Cat Ring – LEIF $65.00
8. Fond Friends Dress - ModCloth $74.99

Other great gift ideas are the ’90s classics, Dancing With Cats and Why Cats Paint. In fact, go buy these ones for yourself. They are too good to be true.


Do you consider yourself a cat person? I’d rather cuddle with a big fluffy dog like Copper every day, but some cats are alright I suppose. :)

New Blog Design

Hey guys! I’m so thrilled to finally be done transferring everything from Blogger to WordPress and redesigning this blog. Unlike most times I’ve changed up the look and feel of the blog, this time I waited a long time before settling on the design. Having patience gave me time to explore so many different ideas, make some decisions, change my mind, make more decisions, etc. It ended up being a rebranding of sorts actually, and I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Here’s a little tour of what’s new!


1. Logo // The idea for my new logo came spontaneously while I was driving one day. I went out to dinner with my friends Steph and Dan and while we were waiting for our table, I briefly explained my idea for the teacup. I scribbled something very ugly on a napkin and showed it to Steph, who then took the napkin and sketched out something beautiful. Later, she put it together on illustrator and the rest is history! (ps. isn’t her handwriting so good?)

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.43.48 PM

2. Small Details // I now have a sticky navigation bar and you have no idea how fun I think that is. I can’t stop scrolling up and down to see it stick to the top. Good times! There is an arrow in the bottom right hand corner that will take you back to the top of the page. I love when websites have these because I think scrolling is a big snoozefest. There is also a pin-it button when you hover over each image.

3. Sidebar // I added social icons using Font Awesome, which is one of the things that first intrigued me about having a self-hosted blog. These icons are a font, so I can change the size, color, and hover effects without having to create and upload images. Next is a link to my Etsy featuring Steph (logo creator!) modeling a headband. Soon I’ll be adding a “Shop my Closet” link as well.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.05.52 PM

4. Footer // You’ll notice that I’m including the home, about, etc. pages in the footer instead of at the top of the page. I also decided to throw in a Policies page because why not get it all out in the open? :)

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 12.43.30 PM

5. Resources! // I’m SO excited about this page. Designing this blog reminded me of some things I am truly passionate about. I really love figuring out nerdy codes and watching them have pretty results. CSS is pure magic to me along with basic HTML. I love coming across great blog elements. Nice, clean fonts, photoshop tutorials, clip art…it’s all super fun! I realize this might not be everybody’s cup of tea, which is why I’ve included a list of people I recommend to design your blog. But if you do feel like getting your hands muddy in web codes, check out the “design it yourself” list. I plan to update this page all of the time.

On many of my older posts, the spacing is quite messed up. I’ve been going through each post individually to fix the issues, but I’m nearing the end. To transfer from Blogger to WordPress, I mainly followed this helpful tutorial from Thoughts by Natalie. Also, mad props to Google and WordPress forums for helping me out. :)

Have a fun Monday!

Easter Silhouette Place Cards

For place cards this Easter, I thought I would go with a yarn silhouette kind of theme. I loved how the first one turned out, but then I realized I needed to make sixteen more. So I changed it up a bit and tried a few different ideas.

Supplies I used:
Pre-folded place cards from Paper Source
Yarn, paint, glitter, fabric, paper
Hot glue, Mod Podge, Xacto knife, cutting mat

First I printed out some Easter-y shapes that I found via Google Images. I traced them onto the back of each place card and cut them out with an Xacto. As you can see, my Xacto skills aren’t the best but oh well! It did the trick. :)

I piled a bunch of yarn (and eventually glitter, decorative paper, etc) on the back of the cutout and sandwiched the yarn by adding half of another place card to the back with hot glue.

The yarn place cards were my favorite “idea”, but painting simple brushstrokes turned out to be my favorite way of making them. Super simple, but still pretty. :)

ps. Sorry if this post was a bit glitchy this morning – had some issues. Have a great Easter weekend!

Easter Craft Projects to Try This Week

It’s almost Easter! That, my friends, is insane. I’m not complaining though – Easter is the best! My plans for this weekend involve working a little, Louis-sitting (you’ll meet Louis. He’s a cat. I’m his aunt.), and spending time with family. I’m in charge of making place cards for everyone. I know, such a daunting task! I still haven’t figured out how I want to make them, but I will keep you posted. For now, these are a few nice Easter crafts I have come across.



1. Golden Marbled Easter Eggs DIY - SheKnows
2. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs - Country Living
3. Origami Easter Bunny Baskets - Studio DIY
4. Colorful Tealights Easter DIY - The Kitchn
5. Leaf Print Eggs - Spoonful
6. Graffiti Art Easter Eggs DIY - Paper & Stitch

Decorating eggs is a really funny tradition when you think about it…who even came up with that? Going to Wikipedia that right now. See ya!